Dr. Lina Yetishefsky, DVM (“Dr. Y”)
A graduate of the University of California at Davis, Dr. Lina Yetishefsky, has been working as a veterinarian in the Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks area for the past three years. Prior to veterinary school, she worked for seven years as a veterinary nurse/technician.

Dr. Yetishefsky’s professional interests include behavior, nutrition, end of life issues, and internal medicine. Aside from work, Dr. Y loves to read, walk, ski, and most of all spend time with her family.

Jenny has worked full time for the last eight years in an animal hospital all the while studying to obtain her bachelor’s degree in business management. She is the mother of three cats, a dog, a five year old boy, Christopher, and has been married to his father, Chris, for five years.

Her administrative and technical skills as well as her patience and compassion make her a stellar addition to this new veterinary hospital.



Jenna, like many in the field of veterinary medicine, realized her love for helping animals at a very young age having rescued an abandoned three legged dog as well as a wounded cat she found in a cardboard box at the supermarket. Jenna has three dogs, two cats, and a rat. She has been a veterinary technician for four years, and truly loves what she does.



“Frankie” our hospital cat!
“Frankie” is our clinic’s mascot. She greets each and every client and pet with her wonderfully spunky personality. She believes that every person that comes through the door is there to see her. “Frankie” greets all our clients in a stylish cone and dress because of the rare skin condition she was born with. She suffers from Skin Fragility Syndrome, a condition that leaves her skin very fragile and it lacerates very easily. This condition also left her extremely sensitive and itchy to the point of her not being able to stop grooming herself. Without her stylish clothing accessories on, “Frankie” would lacerate her own skin daily. In her short three years of life she has been put back together countless times. Her original owner was tired of fixing her and we had fallen madly in love with her spunk and love, so we took her in. It's more like she took us in. She makes everyone feel loved and happy.