Office Mascot ‘Frankie’

“Frankie” is our clinic’s mascot. She greets each and every client and pet with her wonderfully spunky personality. She believes that every person that comes through the door is there to see her.

Frankie greets all our clients in a stylish cone and dress because of the rare skin condition she was born with. She suffers from Skin Fragility Syndrome, a condition that leaves her skin very fragile and it lacerates very easily. This condition also left her extremely sensitive and itchy to the point of her not being able to stop grooming herself. Without her stylish clothing accessories on, Frankie would lacerate her own skin daily.

In her short three years of life she has been put back together countless times. Her original owner was tired of fixing her and we had fallen madly in love with her spunk and love, so we took her in. It’s more like she took us in. She makes everyone feel loved and happy.