Pet Insurance

Our cats and dogs are members of our family and deserve the best quality of care that one can provide. However, it is understood that much of veterinary care is an out of pocket expense and in times of emergencies or major medical situations this out of pocket expense can be a large one that puts the owners in a difficult position.

What do you choose? Do you provide the best care possible and dip in to savings or do you hold off on best medicine for what is affordable? In order to better help prepare for these situations, it is recommended that on top of wellness care, owners research and hopefully utilize the benefits of veterinary healthy insurance.

There are multiple options out there that have a large range in co-pays, deductibles, percentage of coverage, etc. that allow owners to choose the best option for their pets’ needs. Many of these companies will pay the veterinarian up front so that the client does not have to stress or worry about incurring such a large bill. Insurance also allows an owner to make decisions based on medical need and what is best rather than worry about only the financial aspect.

Doctor Y’s recommends a few options available to owners: